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Prevention and Protection Against Rusting & Corrosion Print E-mail

Rust and corrosion cause unsightly and expensive damage. Protect your structures with durable, long-lasting coatings from Superior Products International II, Inc.

Protect from rust and corrosion with

  • Rust Grip® - Prevent rust and corrosion from spreading with minimal surface preparation
  • Moist Metal Grip - Prevent rust and corrosion in the harshest, wettest environments

In many areas where rust is a continuous problem, the age-old system for dealing with existing rust is to: 1) sandblast for surface prep, 2) apply a primer coat, 3) apply a middle coat and finally, 4) apply a top coat. This is an old and outdated system that has been locked into place for years without thought to the enormous cost in terms of time and expense. Many projects have been delayed or cancelled because of these extreme costs from the three coat system.

Rust Grip® can, and has been, used over bridges and tough environmental areas with a simple power wash of 3000 psi or less, or even no surface prep, according to circumstances. Then a simple one coat system was used with a single set up, meaning that once an area is coated and workers move, there is no need to return to perform a second or third application. This one coat system eliminates the $2.50 per square foot sandblast cost with a $0.35 per square foot power wash. The coating time is reduced to only a 1/3 with one set up. In effect and with real numbers, the Rust Grip® one coat system has reduced the bridge application cost by 60%. It has reduced the encapsulation cost of lead based paint by 50%. Existing bridges that have had no prep along the coastline are 3 years old and look like new; 10-11 years with no deterioration.