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Lower Fuel Costs on Refrigerated Trucks Print E-mail

Super Therm® can create sizable savings in energy and fueling costs. According to Land Line Magazine, the Business Magazine for Professional Truckers.

In July, the Super Therm® coated units burned 30 percent less fuel than the "control" units and 20 percent less than the manufacturers' heat-resistant composite units. On an annual basis, this resulted in decreased fuel consumption of 1,039 gallons and 463 gallons respectively. At $1.10 per gallon, the cost savings were $1,143 and $509 per unit.*

Super Therm® reduces the thickness of foam used in the refrigerated trailer to regain as much as 6 inches of space across the trailer bed to haul more products.

Super Therm® applied over the top, the underside, and the sides of a trailer will dramatically reduce the heat load onto the exterior skin, thereby reducing the amount of heat transfer experienced and directly affecting the heat load on the interior.

The ThermoKing units will cycle after application of the Super Therm®. The cooling units have an estimated maintenance life of 3 years. It is calculated that from the reduced heat load and cycling of the machines, the life of each machine could be extended up to 6 years or longer. At a value of $15,000/unit for a fleet of trailers, this could mean substantial savings.

*Land Line Magazine – The Business Magazine for Professional Truckers – July 23/03)