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Sunshield Specifications and Uses Print E-mail


  • Reduce energy costs and increase comfort by coating roofing and interior/exterior walls to keep heat in during winter and heat out during the summer
  • Reduce heat stress and increase livestock profitability by applying to all animal shelters, especially poultry, cattle, hogs, and horses
  • Insulate around swimming pool decking on concrete to provide a cool surface to sit and walk on
  • Insulate air conditioning unit outer castings to prevent reductions in efficiency due to heat build up inside the housing
  • Used in areas of little-to-no acid rain or chemical atmosphere that can attack the resin system. Not as strong as Super Therm®


Although Sunshield can be applied by non-professionals, SPI recommends using a SPI certified applicator


  • Surface must be clean and completely dry, with no loose debris or particles, rust, dirt, oil, films or residues of any kind. Sunshield will cover previous coatings if they are fully adhered to the surface
  • Mechanically stir, as ceramics will tend to settle

Application methods

  • Airless or pot sprayed: tip size .029-.032; apply in one coat using crosshatch method
  • Roller: use ¾ inch nap commercial roller; apply in two coats
  • Brush: use soft or medium bristle brush, apply in two coats
  • Add an additional coat for vertical surfaces

Applied rate

  • 100 sq. ft./gal. (9 sq.m./gal.)

Film thickness

  • Wet: 16 mils (400 microns)
  • Dry: 7.4 mils (180 microns)


  • 50 degrees F (10 degrees C) – 194 degrees F (90 degrees C)
  • 72 degrees F (22 degrees C) best

Dry times

  • 1 hour to touch at 72 degrees F (22 degrees C)
  • 4 hours to recoat

Full cure

  • 7 days


  • Not suitable for underwater use of any kind
  • Do not use as a stand-alone floor coating
  • Do not use directly on food preparation surfaces
  • While Sunshield can be tinted, it is strongly recommended that it not be tinted as it will tend to hinder its performance