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Rust Grip® Versus Galvanized Metal Print E-mail

With its unique formula, Rust Grip® penetrates into the pores and swells to lock into the surface it coats. It hardens to a 6750-psi surface tensile strength designed to withstand major abuse, including chemical vapors and splashes. Temperature swings from hot to cold will not harm or affect its performance.

Galvanized metal and re-galvanized metal has been hot pressure treated with zinc oils. Galvanization doesn’t anchor itself inside the pores, but stays on the surface. Galvanized metal lacks the strength and durability of Rust Grip® and will re-corrode in 2 years. In hot climates (as per US Government Reports), the galvanized metal will crack, peel and deteriorate quickly.

A surface coated with Rust Grip® is strong and resilient. Rust Grip® is a durable coating that offers long life in extreme conditions, out performing galvanized surfaces. Lasting 15 years in the toughest environments without a topcoat.