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Omega Fire™: Versatile Fireproofing Coating Print E-mail

Build extra safety into structures with Omega Fire™, a ceramic-loaded, water-borne fireproofing coating. Omega Fire™ stays intact above 2000 degrees F (1100 degrees C) and has a 2 to 3 hour fire rating.

Benefits of Omega Fire™

  • Unique Powerful Formula – Omega Fire™ is a hybrid material with 8 different ceramics mixed with glazing materials to form a fire barrier.
  • Durable – Omega Fire™ is humidity and water resistant and fights mold, mildew and condensation
  • Long Lasting – Omega Fire™ does not flake like conventional fireproofing materials and stays intact above 2000 degrees F (1100 degrees C). Maintains flexibility at the adhesion point to prevent delamination when substrate moves during fire.
  • Waterbased – Non toxic wet/dry and during/after exposure to fire