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iSTUCCO™ System Specs and Uses Print E-mail


  • Gives a beautiful, fast and insulative exterior finish to structures
  • Reduction of heat loss and gain for energy savings
  • Stops condensation by controlling head load into the surface
  • Helps to control CUI (corrosion under insulation) while giving a finished, weather resistant surface


Although iSTUCCO™ System can be applied by non-professionals, SPI recommends using a SPI certified applicator.


  • Surface must be clean and completely dry, with no loose debris or particles, rust, dirt, oil, films or residues of any kind. iSTUCCO™ System will cover previous coatings, provided they are fully adhered to the surface and no gloss surface
  • Mechanically stir, as formula will tighten. Stirring loosens and relaxes the consistency for easier spray applications.

Application methods

  • Graco Texspray RTX 1500 using the extended spray gun attachment. Spray in passes to achieve the look and thickness desired.
  • Roller: use 3/4" nap commercial roller; apply in two coats
  • Brush: use soft bristle brush; apply in two coats

Applied rate

  • 25 sq. ft./gal. (2.35 sq.m./gal.) for SP Ceramic Stucco
  • 100 sq.ft./gal (9 sq.m./gal.) for Super Therm®

Film thickness

  • 65 mils (1.65 mm) wet; 50 mils (1.27 mm) dry for SP Ceramic Stucco
  • 16 mils (400 microns) wet; 10 mils (250 microns) dry for Super Therm®


  • 50 degrees F (10 degrees C) – 95 degrees F (35 degrees C)
  • 70 degrees F (21 degrees C) best

Dry times

  • 1 hour to touch @ 70 degrees F (21 degrees C)
  • 4 hours to overcoat

Full cure

  • 14 – 21 days


  • Not suitable for underwater use of any kind
  • Not recommended as the only fire protection material to be used in residential or industrial construction