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iSTUCCO™ System: Effective Insulation from Temperature Fluctuation in One Stucco Surface Print E-mail

The iSTUCCO™ System combines the best properties of two outstanding products, SP Ceramic Stucco and the top coat of Super Therm®, which is designed with four separate ceramics; two of the ceramics are reflective, one is an infrared blocker and the fourth acts as a dead air space between the coated surface and the substrate. The result is an applied coating that is both reflective and insulating. The iSTUCCO™ System creates an unbeatable and affordable solution to stop heat and/or cold conduction through the coating film and a beautiful, long-lasting stucco finish.

Benefits of iSTUCCO™ System

  • iSTUCCO™ is a mixture of high performance acrylics and ceramics specially blended for insulation, breathability, adhesion, toughness and texture.
  • iSTUCCO™ resembles traditional, field-mixed stucco that has been painted, yet iSTUCCO™ will not crack or peel and remains flexible throughout its life.
  • iSTUCCO™ is cost effective, lightweight, durable, impervious to moisture and designed to coat a variety of surface structures utilized in both the commercial and residential markets today.

iSTUCCO™ System outperforms the competition

  • Insulation (RE-19) - Has reflective value of 95%, effectively blocking all three windows of heat—infrared, visual light and UV (high thermal emissivity rating of 0.901 to repel heat load). The iSTUCCO™ System performs the most important insulation function recognized by all engineering and architectural formats: reducing the Delta T from the hot side to the cool side of any surface.
  • Moisture Barrier (4.4 perm rating) - Creates an effective moisture barrier to resist moisture migration and air infiltration.
  • Flexibility and Durability - Does not crack or chip like traditional stucco or other alternatives.
  • Fire Resistance (class “A”) - ”0” flame and smoke—resists fire and chemicals.
  • Green Building Product - Certified Environmentally Friendly, LEED Green Building Rating, and MBDC Cradle to Cradle Certified