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HPC™ Coating Specs and Uses Print E-mail


  • Reduction of external temperature of hot surfaces as an aid to worker safety
  • Reduction of heat loss for energy savings
  • Stops condensation
  • Stops CUI (corrosion under insulation)


Although HPC™ Coating can be applied by non-professionals, SPI recommends using a SPI certified applicator.


  • Surface must be clean and completely dry, with no loose debris or particles, rust, dirt, oil, films or residues of any kind. HPC™ Coating will cover previous coatings, provided they are fully adhered to the surface and no gloss surface
  • Mechanically stir, as formula will tighten and give the appearance of cake or putty. Stirring loosens and relaxes the consistency.

Application methods

  • Graco Texspray RTX 1500 using 2mm nozzle
  • Over hot surfaces apply a 50 wet mil (1.25 mm) primer coat to allow a steaming-off and cooling of surface to avoid bubbles, and then increase thickness with additional coats as needed

Applied rate

  • 80 sq. ft./gal. (7.4 sq.m./gal.) as primer
  • 2.4 - 9.6 sq. ft./gal. (0.22 – 0.9 sq.m./gal.) with build coats (125 mils - 500 mils dry per coat)

Film thickness

  • 50 mil wet (1.25 mm) as primer
  • 125 - 800 mils dry (3 – 20 mm) with build coats depending on need to control different ranges of heat
  • Fire Control System 800 mils - 1600 mils (20 mm - 40 mm) as the primer before Omega Fire™ top coat.

Dry times

  • 10 minutes as primer over hot surface, then increase thickness as needed.
  • 24 hours to set


  • Do not use for exterior applications unless top coated with Super Therm® for long term durabilit


  • Do not use for underwater applications.
  • HPC™ Coating is light yellow in color and rough in texture
  • Not recommended as the only fire protection material to be used in residential or industrial construction
  • Do not use as floor coating
  • Not UV protected. For external use overcoat with Super Therm®